Quickie catch-up

Too busy glowing, no time to blog.

  • The other night I kissed a lovely boy. Turns out he knows a boy I used to kiss a lot last year (I awkwardly texted said boy to verify this fact)....I think this is a sign this city is officially too small and I should leave and never come back

  • I ate way too many Veggie straws this afternoon.....ugh

  • Somedays I want to move home to Australia but then I remember they don't have Netflix there and I laugh at myself for being so ridiculous

  • I lose my phone about 232 times a week. I'm almost 99% sure I drunkenly hide it to avoid embarrassing myself with drunken texts. This morning it showed up in a shoe at my friends place....pesky little bugger.

  • I'm writing this from a restaurant on my phone due to the fact that I find it very hard to blog on the weekends and I don't want my mother to think I died.

Still alive homie!

1 comment:

  1. Good to know you are alive and blogging....and you still have a phone to blog on the go! xxx