I am a product of my environment. When I am around negativity, I sink and when I am around people who are at the core of it all amazing people, I sail. As I've grown (although yesterday I was told that I was born 40...potentially insulting?) I've really come to understand what and who I need in my life. It's cliche and overdone, but when I'm in a bad mood 9 times out of 10 it is because I was around someone who was in a bad mood, and when I'm happy it was because I was in the presence of someone who put me there. It is almost scary to put that much power in to another's hands, but it helps to be surrounded by some glorious people.

Today for example I had lunch with someone who I consider an old friend. A person who has been in my life for only two years now, yet has somehow made it seem like forever. He is the only person I have found who will stay up all night watching 7th Heaven with me, he saw me through one of my darkest times and he is someone I would love to know, even if not closely, forever. Life and the happenings of a busy city caused us to drift apart but within a second of being around him today I was reminded of why I keep him so close to my heart.

People like Calvin are the people who matter to me. People who are loved by all those around them, not because of what they have or do, but because they are just internally nice. They care about other people, and are wholeheartedly interested in others happiness. They're people who make me want to go out and be happy, do things I want to do, eat a freakin' vitamin! Anything that is intrinsically good, they make me want it.

I'm obviously rambling now, I just feel obnoxiously excited for life. I'm excited for new opportunities gurgling on down the pipe, I'm excited for everything and being around someone who is such a pumpkin has only pumped me up that much more.

Oh and whilst I wrote this I ate a muffin! Muffins make me happy too!

Other things that make me happy-

Yellow Tea Cups- I don't remember how it came about. But I specifically remember going in to great detail about how much I love them to my stepmother one afternoon. They just make me oddly happy. 

Tulips- They remind me of my Grandma and the time in my life where we went to the Botanic Garden all the time just to see them. One of my first memories, and possibly one of my best.

Musicals- I've been a musical lover since before I could talk, much to the utter hatred of my older brother. In addition to this....watching Western Musicals with my Dad is also on the list.

Tradition- Just ask any of the friends I have dragged to Old Orchard Beach every year, I'm a complete sucker for it. You will thank me when we are 80!

The Shaytards- A Mormon family who have video blogged every single day of their lives for the past 4 years now. I watch them every single day without fail, my mother and most friends find this hysterical.

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  1. I love musicals!!! I can't even pick a favorite...
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