In the last 24 hours...

...I scampered around in a coral covered mini dress in the pouring rain- 

...I met the rudest lady in New York City-

"MOVE IN! MOVE YOUR ASSES IN" The train fell silent as the boom box pushed her way onto the crowded 6 train. If there is one thing I hate, it's miserable people who go about their day smashing flowers and growling at babies, this is what this woman was.

It was rush hour on a rainy day in New York, at a time when, get this, the MTA was experiencing some delay (shocking) so the trains were slightly overcrowded. Everybody had a soured expression plastered on there face but at the end of the day we all knew we were in this mess together.Not this woman though, she seemed to think she was the only person experiencing any kind of inconvenience. 

"GET OUT!" She would yell at the lovely Swedish (honestly they could have been from Uzbekistan for all I know) tourists as they politely bobbed and weaved out of the train. My blood was honestly boiling, the act of being a complete and utter misery to people who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it is pathetic. This lady was just asking to be slapped and I swear if it wasn't for the many pairs of rolling eyes reassuring me that we all wanted the same common goal, I may have done it myself.

"Excuse me, can you be quiet?" She spat at an older gentleman pointing out a destination to his wife on the hanging map of Manhattan. 

I had reached my limit. I got up and weaved towards the lady as she slumped against the doors and... I walked right past her, because anybody this depressing deserved absolutely zero seconds of my time. 

...I did that lame white girl thing where we start a juice cleanse, and then swiftly break that juice cleanse-

...I drove around in circles for an hour because my roommate's the worst (But I love him!)

I am a terrible driver. This little fact is not a secret so when my roommate asked me to help him move his car I was a little worried about how many of us would make it out of this alive, but being the amazingly loving and perfect roommate I am, I agreed.

Little did I know that casually moving a car in order to obey street cleaning rules very swiftly turned in to driving up and down the same blocks over and over again for two hours at 11pm searching aimlessly for a spot whilst my roommate sat next to me tapping away on Instagram and listened to The Pixies. 

As I slowly approached my breaking point and after Kevin had yelled, "THERE'S ONE!" to an empty park on the complete wrong side of the street for about the 100th time, we finally found one that I managed to poorly roll on in to and then book it out of there before anybody noticed I was at least 2 feet away from the curb.

...I spent some time with Marilyn- 

...My friend bought me Spree-

I have an amazing memory, in fact my best friend always tells me the only reason we are friends is because she knows I will remember her life for her once we are old and grey, she's super charming as you can tell. If I am told something once, I generally remember it no matter how insignificant said fact may be. Because of this I have learned to accept that I will generally know more about my friends. and the things they love, then they know about me. 

Today on my way uptown I had to make a quick stop off at my friends apartment to pick up my wallet that I casually just leave everywhere apparently. After being let in by his roommate I ran in to his room to find not only my wallet by also a box of Spree. 

I love Spree. They make my mouth tingle in all the right ways and although I know how much I love them, I didn't think anybody else did! I was apparently wrong because on the back of the box was a post it, 

"Saw these. Thought of you!" 

It's always lovely to be thought of, even if it's only for a split second whilst in a dirty bodega surrounded by old ramen and a few stray cats. Dad kept it real (sucks to suck boys!)-

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  1. Sounds like an eventful 24 hours...Fun! What the heck is Spree?