Eat Cake for Breakfast.

I feel like most people hate their drunk alter egos. They are either too slutty or too obnoxious or in the case of my friend Tori, too likely to punch you in the face for no reason (She thinks it's hilarious). I on the other hand love my drunk self, aside from occasionally knocking herself out via blow to the head or getting a little bit too promiscuous, she is kind of the man.

 This morning was a perfect example.

The sun had just finished it's journey through my curtains and directly into my cornea when I first noticed it, daintily placed on the bed beside me.

A random piece of Red Velvet Cake, not exactly what I expected but then again not exactly the worst site to wake to. Naturally, I had no idea how this ginger delight ended up spooning with me, but was I going to complain?

Obviously not! After devouring my snuggle buddy, I decided I should probably find out where this delightful Sunday morning wake up had come from because a) It means a complete stranger had been in my bedroom whilst I was asleep.....b) I have a ghost....or perhaps the most worrying of all c) I got so drunk that I forgot what happened between the hours of 1am-3am.....

It was the third. Yep, black-out-and-devour-all-the-food-Turner is back in business.

P.S. I didn't want Chocolate Croissant to think I was cheating on I sat on a stoop and ate one of him for breakfast too....then washed it down with a brownie....follow my health and fitness blog 

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