I'd rather be naked.

I'm kind of a nudist. If I don't have anywhere to be, 9 times out of 10 I'm naked. Right now...naked. Just ask my roommate who the other week waltzed in to my room at 1am to find me well...lying there naked (he has now learned his lesson!) I just hate wearing clothes, I think they are frustrating, rambling now. Moving on.

It's a weird little quirk I have, a quirk made extremely difficult by the fact that I live inside a glass tank (not really obviously, but I have a lot of windows, follow along). Last night for example, I came home early due to the unfortunate event of casually dumping almost an entire margarita down the front of my dress (blatantly a sign I should be leaving then anyway). After jumping immediately in the shower, I dashed back to my room and went about my business of flittering around, watching Netflix you know, normal naked business. 

It was after a good ten minutes of pure nudity that I looked out of the window. Five dudes, count, two, three, four, five, where sitting in the window directly next to mine, staring at me. I immediately hit the deck, and began wrapping myself in any available fabric before popping my head up in hopes they had left....nope. Still there, still looking.

I didn't know what to do, I don't have curtains (well I do...but they are sheer....poor choices) so I did what any normal person would do....I turned off the lights and lay quietly on the floor waiting for them to leave.

Socially inept party of 1. I'm a riot at parties you should see (blantanty a lie).

Another quirk of mine is having so many things to do today and slowly canceling them all in favour of Netflix in bed. It's fine, I can do my laundry at midnight and my friends are kind of used to the flakiness....I am a rubbish human being. 

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  1. How creepy!! I can't not have proper curtains. Partly because I'm scared to see the outdoors at night through my window but also or privacy reasons.

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