The most stable relationship I've ever had.

I had a bad day.

Nothing exceptionally traumatic happened, it was just simply one of those days where I rush home in a blur of constant bitch face, counting down the seconds before I can rip my clothes off, eat too much ice-cream and watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

(It's cute that you thought I was kidding)

But no matter how bad my day was, I can always count on one shining star. One person who no matter how much everybody else thinks I suck, loves me relentlessly. My little Dominican Dynamo, my Hot Tamale.... my Bodega guy.

He has seen me at my worst. Whether it's after a long day of pointless work and even more pointless exams, or stumbling in with a skirt as long as a snickers bar, smelling of gin and regret, heels the size of a small child, yet he still loves me.  He still tells me I'm beautiful as he crams my 23 bags of chips into a shopping bag, he still asks about my nonexistent modeling career as he hands me my $6 "wine product", he constantly asks where my boyfriend is as he ignores the fact this is my second pint of ice-cream in three days and he has even met my mother.

Nothing can destroy our love. The other day he even defended my honor by yelling at a 12 year old for calling me Snow White...I thought I died and went to heaven. I hope one day you find a love like ours but until then I hope this little tale of love, lust and the blending of races gives you hope in your quest.

I think I'm chocolate wasted.


  1. Love ben & jerrys :)

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  2. I enjoyed reading this post but am confused as to who you're talking about lol. I thought it was your boyfriend but then you say he askes about your boyfriend? Huh? wha?? lol

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    P.s. So jealous you live in New York!!! I can't wait to visit there.