20 year old Dordyline is all about a poorly placed exclamation point!!!

Nice to meet you, I'm a baby kitty!

Last week I turned the dirty...20. For most of the people in my life this was a momentous day for the simple fact it was the day I completely lost my damn mind. Since the age of ten, I have been praised for my maturity, often being called an old soul or wise beyond my years. At one point I adored those around me viewing me as these things and often mistaking me for someone much older.....that was until I WAS much older...

20 is a big freakin' deal man! I am no longer a teenager, and therefore no longer have a solid excuse for my bratty, immature actions! I feel like I should be making big moves, planning vacations or weddings or at least attending such events! I feel like I'm still a little girl wearing my Grandmas old, gold heels and swimming in tacky perfume that made my entire family's head pound. I miss powder blue eye shadow and tacky hair extensions that fit snug over my unbrushed bun! I still expect to come home at night and find my Mum stirring up a pot of delicious (or American Chop Chey...hmph) whilst I avoid doing my homework on the sidelines or swiftly sneak 30 racks of cheap beers out of my bedroom window! I'm still waiting to be as old as Cher Horwitz was in Clueless or Cady Heron was in Mean Girls! I'm still waiting for my teenage movie to start and now it feels that within the blink of an eye it is all over and I'm being replaced with the new generation of regulation hotties!

*dramatics induced panic attack*

Now to be fair my birthday itself was a glorious day filled with cupcakes and good beer, kitty cuddles and midnight birthday brownies. I felt at peace surrounded by great friends and although my inner child felt as if she was becoming more ghostlike as the night wore on, the less dramatic side of me thinks that I might just be ok.

Although if anybody wants to invite me to any American Pie style high school ragers, I would be happy to get teenage buck wild just one more time!

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  1. 20 is definitely a big deal :) Happy late birthday!