Monday, January 26, 2015

It's still snowing

and I am still sad.

 I made a little icy friend

but she melted.

 It's a mean world.

Blizzard Watch 2k15

Baby Blizzard

I'm writing this from the confinements of my own bed as the blizzard of 2015 begins to work it's magic. My job just informed me that we will be closed today and it is at this very moment I regret the fact that I probably should have stocked up on some kind of food supplies...or booze supplies...

But alas, the fact that I'm only a fake adult has reared it's ugly head and I have like two bags of popcorn, a jar of vegemite and a bottle of presecco.

Blizzard Thoughts

  • It worries me how numb we are to homeless people. Sometimes I feel we forget that they aren't scenery, that is an actual person laying on ice cold concrete in the middle of January, surrounded by bustling business men huffing and turning down their noses at the giant fleshy obstacle that they dismiss as barely human.
  • I find it weird how skinny a man's legs can be. How do they support themselves? Like I feel like my thighs balance out my body, making me so much more sturdy....I've thought about this a lot. 
  • I don't like when people refer to Amanda Bynes as their "Spirit Animal." Finding humor in another persons very public downward decent is worrying at best.
  • I crave the simplicity of 12. If I had known life would grow to be anything but friendship bracelets, candy stomach aches and Friday night scary movie binge-fests with my girlfriends I would have spent a little more time savoring it and a little less time dreaming of adulthood.
  • It scares me how easily I fall in love with strangers. A guy came into my store yesterday accompanied by his giant bear of a dog and I swear I could have married him and that dog right there...well I could have once he got a divorce from the wife he was gift shopping for of course...
  • I have an addiction to devoting hours of time reading the plots of horror movies on Wikipedia. Horror movies have some great twists and turns but normally I'm too busy covering my little coward face to really pay much attention and I miss it, this is a great/incredibly lame and anti-climatic alternative!
  • It makes me happy how many good people there are in the world. I think it's easy to focus on the negative, heck it's what we are confronted with all day every day but it seems much harder to remember it isn't all awful. Yesterday for example I had just purchased a new metro card (That is a $104 for all you non-New Yorkers who aren't regularly robbed by the MTA) and as I wandered away from the turnstiles and shoved it in my pocket in a rush, it slipped out of jacket and floated away. I was unaware of this. I simply sped along the platform, headphones in, completely zoned out. It was then I felt a tap on my shoulder from a man I recognized as the guy behind me in the metro card line, a man who had seen how much I put on my metro card, stood out of breath with my card in his hands. 
         "I bet you would want to keep this." He said with a smile before turning, and waving as he walked away. It's the little things. Be nice to people man.
  • Let's not call Australia, Aussie-land. I just think Aussie-land sounds so lame, and it's like, why would you do such an amazing place an injustice like that? #respect 
  • Zayn Malik from One Direction is beautiful. Like I'm a Harry girl fo' lyf but I think it's important to give credit where it is due. I remember meeting him way back in 2011 when he came into my job in Times Square and I want to make a personal apology for not paying any attention to how beautiful that face is #nodisrespecttobenaffleck. 
I'm literally talking out of my ass at this point.


Australia Day.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

(Margaret River '04)

Dear Australia,

I love you bitch....

I ain't gone never stop loving you....




Monday, January 19, 2015

January is more than halfway over so I believe it's time for me to start committing to change this year.   For the last few years I haven't been overly happy with my situation. I've mentioned it before, a constant feeling of dishevelment that I can't seem to shake. I feel as if everyone around me has their lives together in every sense of the word and I can't even master one little portion. I used to mask this with constant movement. If I was always out... busy... intoxicated, I never had time to truly reflect on how much I wasn't actually doing. I've since ramped up my flakiness and have been spending a lot less time on my distractions, allowing me to mentally grow the fuck up and realize that I can actually make progress at any time....I just have to kind it.

So that's what I'm doing...I'm doing it....

Whatever the heck "it" is...well I'll figure that bit out later.