Losers anonymous.

I'm not a very deep person: I'm brutally honest and generally kind hearted, I love baby animals as much as the next person and I secretly enjoy pop music that makes me drop my dun dun dun. When I love, I love with everything I am and when I have any sort of task, I work my butt off until it's done. 

I was never happy with this.

I always found myself to be boring. I didn't have any quirky hobbies and didn't obsess over the desire to be edgy like most 20-somethings. I was oblivious about a lot of the hidden gems that swam around the sewers of cool, and often found myself lost in conversations about this super awesome band that I hadn't even heard of.

I'm not even the kind of uncool that people crave to be, hanging out at dusty dive bars waiting for their equally as lame counterpart to swoop in and spend the next decade drinking Americano's in Brooklyn (hell I didn't even know what an Americano was until last week!)

I'm simply me. I love terrible mainstream music whilst at the same time obsessing over Elvis, Rod Stewart and Big L, my favourite genre of movie is a good ole' Western Musical and I don't know how to correctly order a beverage whether it be espresso or alcoholic. I'm social awkward, yet most people rave about how self assure I am. I love spending nights alone and days with my family just as much as I like going to the nearest bars and as time goes on I'm beginning to finally love that girl.

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