The Dude List.

I am a bonafide frat boy. My girlfriends are always commenting on my need to call everybody, "my dude" and the number of times I manage to slip the word bro into conversation is kind of nauseating. I don't even know where it started from but my love of all things "dude" dates back pre-high school at least. I loved dudes so much I actually have an on going list of the dudest dudes in town.

I remember explaining this to my mother one night, a lady who has put up with me enthusiastically describing how I was once her womb tenant and lived next to her spleen or constantly asking the question,

"What would you do if I just died right now?"

She understands my quirks, therefore I knew she would understand the dude list!

The Dude List is essentially an ever growing list of people I believe have all the traits of a true dude, they're effortless cool and you just want to either a) be there best friend, b)love of them or c) just be somewhat in their general vicinity. 

It's not a long list due to the fact that it is a very exclusive, I'm sure David Beckham is crying right now about how his voice leaves him eternally black listed from such a prestigious title. 

As of today, August 7th 2013, this list is as follows...

Jay Z
The originator of the dude list. Anybody who knows me, knows that Big L is my favorite rapper so this title has nothing to do with my love for his music. I just think Jay Z is literally the coolest person in the world. point blank. moving on. 

Jeremy Clarkson
 Top Gear is one of my favorite TV shows (British version only!…obviously) but it has nothing to do with my deep love of cars. Heck, I've had one car in my life….A light green Ford Taurus I loving named Ronald for his old man-ish qualities ("Mum, look at Ronald, doesn't he look like he should have a mustache!"….told you she understand my quirks!) I love it for one reason, Jeremy Clarkson. 

Rod Stewart
Dudes a pimp, pimps are dudes. follow along. 

George Clooney
I don't even know how he ended up here it just seemed wrong to not include he had a pet pig. Duuude.

Paul Rodriquez
He made the dude list by default. It honestly has less to do with how dudey he is and more to do with the fact that I'm madly in love with him….

Uncle Jesse
Full House is a great fucking show, and I'm sorry but I would have loved an Uncle Jesse in my life….except not my Uncle because that would make my constant desire to make out with him a little weird….I just wanted a  bud die, Jesse….who I could make out with…obviously

The Highlight of my entire existance to date was the weekend I spent with Pharrell in Miami. If you can think of anybody smoother than this dude I would give you my first born....or a dollar....

My homie, Kirill . And that is all I have to say on that matter.

My youngest brother- Declan



  1. Love the list....except Rod Stewart (oh and the others I haven't heard of!)

  2. I told you three years ago Rod Stewart is a dude, no matte how gross you find him.