I love you all, just some more than others!

When I can't sleep I have this weird habit of laying in bed and quantifying my love for well....everything. I think it's important to let Calamity Jane know that yes, I do you love you....just not as much as Forrest Gump! Or for avocados to know that although they may be my favourite vegetable, I'm afraid Olive Garden bread sticks will always trump them in the grand scheme of things. It's a weird little habit....a quirk if you will. But it often leaves me wide awake in to the wee hours of the morning.Tonight it was musics turn to be pointlessly judged.

I'm the kind of asshole who, when asked what genre of music they like the best, shrugs and says,  "I dunno...I listen to all of it!" I can't help it! It's the truth. I literally listen to anything, spending hours digging around looking for my newest obsessions. But on the other hand, it is my least favourite topic to discuss with strangers. I hate music debates. All my favourite songs are their because they are attached to a plethora of memories, whether it be the period of my teen years when I religiously watched art student videos for weeks on end, or the endless summer days my best friend and I spent sitting in a parked car playing dirty mad libs, listening to the same song on repeat and complaining about how bored we were.

But alas,

(I originally  listed the reasons why they were my favourite but then I remembered that oh wait, you don't know me like that) 

1. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- American Girl

2. Elvis- Pocketful of Rainbows 

3. The Beatles- Maxwell Silver Hammer

4. Big L- Put it On

5. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- The Impression that I get 

6. Rod Stewart- Maggie May

7. The Dexy's Midnight Runners- Come on Eileen

8. Silverchair- Anthem for the Year 2000

9. Jay Z- Blueprint 2 + Glory (I'm allowed two for the price of's my list damn it!)

10. The Cat Empire- Two Shoes

11. Muse- Madness

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