Keepin' New York weird.

My ability to get from my work to either a) the bar b) food or c) my bed, is amazing. As soon as I'm out of the building my "don't fuck with my face" is on and my walk becomes more of a light jog. Nothing can sway me from my deep meditation as I brush past doctors ironically on their cigarette breaks, business men walking their pups around the Upper East Side after a long day of stacking their millions and all the various pictures of shocking that suddenly become less shocking after living here for awhile because hey....New York's weird man. 

I thought I had seen/heard it all until today. There I was, jumping down the subway steps wearing my latest in crabby fashions (I wish I was dress really did have crabs on it....) when a slumping homeless (or at least rather dirty/tired) gentleman locked eyes with me.

"Hey mama, wanna breast feed me?"

I stopped dead in my tracks, before looking around for conformation that, oh hey yeah that man did actually ask you to nurse him.

Oh New York, you wacky, wacky wasteland you.

(Oh and for those wondering, NO I didn't take him up on his offer)

P.S. I recently found this video whilst scrolling listlessly through my Facebook, it made me giggle AND it made my heart swell so I figured I would share!

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