My Name is Jonas.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Greetings from 6:30am!

Just digging my way out from under a snow bank to let the world know I am alive...freezing cold, and  sick of a climbing over mounds of snow to get anywhere...but alive! 

See you next time when I present my latest findings titled,"The Big Melt: Why are there so many fucking puddles in this city?"

She's my $oup Queen

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In order to write this I have had to take my hands out from under my 34 bed covers and already I feel the blood slowing and starting to freeze. Remember that really warm December we had? Where we laughed in the face of cold? Yeah.....that's not here anymore.

To make matters worse, just last week this was my current situation...

Nobody lays about and does nothing without Billy's approval.

I was warm...and well rested...and not much else...but hey at least I was those two things!

Now, after 101 airplane Bloody Mary's, I am back in New York....freezing and jet lagged to the nines.

The Sound of...imminent jet lag. 

I never get jet lagged when I go down to Australia, instead my body syncs right up with my families hey-lets-wake-up-at-5am lifestyle, but coming back? This is where I well and truly fuck myself.

Take Monday for example, I fell asleep at 4am and woke up at 5pm, much to my surprise. As I saw the small rays of light through my window, I figured it was the sunrising and that I had won the game, but alas, that was the sun throwing up one final peace sign and laughing in my face as it vanished just moments later.

Last night I skipped sleeping all together. I figured there was no way I would be able to rest when my mind was so awake, so I simply moused around in the darkness while the world slept. When the sun began to rise in the early hours I figured that I would begin to feel drowsy as is generally the case when I force myself to stay awake until the sun returns.

To prevent this I stuck in my headphones, walked around in the freezing cold and slowly lost feeling in my nose. Nothing says, "stay awake sucker" like some freezing cold wind to the face.As I walked past the grocery store, my body was at peak frost bite and therefore my insiders were at peak "give us soup you bitch"

So I did.

Take THAT winter time

Because health....and because cold.

I was feeling very awake and productive....just casually adult-ing (well with a minor hiccup, caused by the fact that I definitely don't own a can opener....ingenuity...oh and the fact I don't know how to change the lightbulb in my bathroom so I have to have candlelit, only really minor adult-ing)


And then 2pm hit....I was crashing. I had a great plan to simply have a power nap before going to bed at 9pm and waking up fresh as a daisy tomorrow morning. I set my alarm for only an hour and half (I used a sleep calculator...that's how serious I was) and I snuggled down to sleep.

As soon as my alarm went off? I laughed in it's stupidly loud, blaring face.

And now here I's 1am and I just woke up, completely well rested and set for another night of pottering except this time it will be followed by a 9 hour shift of yawning and potential tears.

Great life choices, self.