My mind is full of questions.

#1: Today I met a lovely fellow by the name of Tom (because we share a mutual friend and found ourself at breakfast together). So there we sat, eating away and whilst my two breakfast companions chatted away about god knows what, I sat there quietly eating my hash brown and pondering the same thought over and over again. It wasn't until the conversation hit a pause and two pairs of eyes were locked on me that I finally realized my turmoil....

"Tom is a weird name. I mean really....say it a few times. Isn't it weird that you respond to such a word but if someone yelled it on the street I wouldn't even blink?"


#2: I wish my Monday started with mini cupcakes like my Sunday did!

#3: *Whilst staring at a sleeping gentleman on the subway* Isn't sleeping utterly bizarre? We literally just disappear for a few hours whilst the world scurries on around us. Our mind drifts off to a place where we can no longer feel the presence of those around us, yet the nosy red head on the opposite bench staring at me is still very much there.

#4: Life would be a lot easier if I didn't have to take the Subway everywhere, and instead got to drive around in say....a Lily Jeep!

#5: I'm very jealous my coworker gets to drive around in a Lilly jeep!

#6: I should move back to Australia....I should move to Nashville...I should move to London.....I should move to Washington....I should move to Australia.....I should move to California....I should stay in New York forever....I should move to Guam....

#7: *Whilst watching a waspy gentleman walk his bulldog this morning* I'm still forever confused by the fact that humans like to hang out with beasts. What in the world possessed someone to look at a dog and say, "Hmm....I should put this thing on a rope, drag it around the town and let it sleep in my bed." While another man looked at a pig and thought, "Hmm...I should kill this, and use its meat for a delicious breakfast food!" The world baffles me.

#8: I should probably blog today or mum will be very upset. What should I write about? Shit. Think of something....God thinking is weird, it's like a conversation with yourself that lasts forever...AHA!

Side note: My Mum texted me this photo today of myself looking like a right little gremlin. Fun fact though, I essentially have no chin which was even more evident whilst I was in gremlin form and I have slept in the exact same position pretty much my entire life....

p.s. Sleeping is weird.

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