I'm almost 100% sure I missed my calling in life.

The other day at work I was casually hanging and steaming some dresses, going about my merry business when I was interrupted by my lovely coworker.

"Are you singing over there?"

"I'm humming....Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins to be exact!"

"Oh god you really are a Disney Princess...."

Suddenly, the world aligned and it all made sense....

#1: Let's just take it back to a few blog posts ago....

#2: Sometimes I have full blown conversations with animals. Kitty Meows is quite the character, now if  I could only get her to dress me in the morning and brush my hair I would be all set!

#3: I like to blast this song whilst I clean my apartment. Although instead of a ball gown, I like to do it in my underwear....and this is why I am always hated by all roommates. Oh and I haven't trained my pigeons to pitch in yet....lazy!

(Why yes that is my very own dead bird next to a nest of other birds right outside my window...thank you for noticing)

#4: I'm naturally attracted to misogynistic assholes, and if that isn't the key to any true Disney plot I don't know what is!

#5: I have to use every ounce of will power I have to refrain from singing A Whole New World whilst taking my friends somewhere for the first time. Just last week I tried it on Tori's first trip to Sweet Revenge and she very swiftly shut that down. hater.

#6: I often find myself exclaiming "Oh Sugar Biscuits!"

(Although this may have less to do with my Disney destiny and more to do with the fact that I once worked at a day care and it was strongly frowned upon to call your baby toe a cunt after smashing it on a stray toy truck.)

#7: I fall in love too hard, too fast and way too often...even if sometimes it is with food.

Still my Prince Charming

#8: Uhm have you seen how I dress?

You are what you eat.....and I eat a lot of cupcakes.

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