Music Monday Part IV

Unrelated picture tra-la-la-la-la. Also, 15 was so fun. I miss 15 sometimes. 

Everything by Michael Buble

I would be lying if I said my favourite Michael Buble song wasn't a Christmas song. But this is a favourite of the non-Christmas variety! Also, can I just point out that I also think Emily Blunt is everything and I'm incredibly jealous she got this song AND ended up with John Krasinski....some people have all the luck!

Love on Me by Galantis

I have a handful of songs that give me the same visceral reaction every time I hear it. This is one. For some reason every time I hear it I revert to the same exact dance move. Also, personal apologies to my downstairs neighbors.

That's Life by Frank Sinatra 

This song makes me act different. Catch me out here smoking an imaginary cigar, not giving a fuck. 

Everybody Plays the Fool by The Main Ingredient 
I first heard this song in an Uber a few years ago now when I was out here feeling like a damn fool. Every now and then I go back to it to when I need someone to tell it to me straight.

                             Lost Without U by Robin Thicke 

Let's pretend Blurred Lines doesn't exist and let me live in this Robin Thicke bubble. booty poppin' to the cymbal hits and living my best life in front of my bedroom mirror. Thanks!

Little Red Corvette by Prince

Ok I have a bone to pick. This woman keeps used condoms in her pocket.....That's never a good sign girl, get it together!

Champion by Kanye West

We are the champions, my frieeeeends......wrong song? Oh well. 

I'm Still Standing by Taron Egerton
Firstly, I prefer the version on the Sing soundtrack over the version from the Rocketman soundtrack. That's important. Now, if anybody needs me I'll be cleaning my apartment and jazz kicking all over my living room feeling like a true survivor. 

....And We Thought that Nation-States were a bad idea by Mad Caddies

Ska teeters on a fine line between love and hate for me. Some songs make me want to stab myself in the temple, others I fuck with. This song, I fuck with.

You Make Me Feel like Dancing by Leo Sayer
Do you ever love a song and think, hmmm I feel like I should be embarrassed for liking this? This is one of those songs for me but I'm too busy "Saturday Night Fever'ing" to care. 

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