What's Up Gossip Girls?

It has been quite an eventful week filled with driving on the wrong side of the road, having my ovaries poked and probed and searching long and hard for lime green tracksuit pants for a make shift Teletubbie costume (Sidenote: Not my personal costume...I'm the precious Teletubbie Sun Baby).

Let's start from the top...driving on the other side of the car. I should point out the picture below was snapped while parked at a gas station waiting for my Dad to pop in and get himself a stress ice cream to soothe his vocal cords from the incessant yelling he was doing. 

Although I am originally from Australia, I have actually never driven here in my life. Surprisingly, after you get going it isn't that hard to remember to stick to the left, in fact I stuck to the left so well my Dad was certain I was going to start hitting parked cars, pedestrians and the occasional mail box. Beside the fact that I turned on my windscreen wipers every single time I went to turn the corner, I think I did pretty well! The craziest part is that I didn't even have to take a drivers test to switch my license over, so beep beep, I'm licensed in the state of Queensland. To all the Kangaroo's out would be a good time to stay off the roads!

I also developed a new hobby this week....scrapbooking! I am someone who collects everything! Tickets, notes, tiny cocktail umbrellas, hotel key cards, name it, if it is tied to a memory, I held on to. While relocating one of my memory boxes from Los Angeles to Brisbane, I decided that I wanted to store these items in a different way, enter scrapbooking. 

Every morning after my family left for work, I would spread my items all over the kitchen counter, blast some music videos and warm up my hot glue gun. I'm about 7 pages in, with stacks of memories and pictures to go. Every now and then spending too long dwelling on the past sends me into an existential crisis that eventually we will all be dead and this wouldn't matter so I can only do a few pages a day. I'm really sane, I promise!

Don't worry, I had plenty of help....

Billy and Buttons are huge scrapbooking enthusiasts and also enjoy belting out John Farnham songs, so we have a really fun, high energy time! 

Hmm...what else has been going on?

I'm on Antibiotics for my 143rd lifetime UTI....and if you think that is TMI I also had a really cute Transvaginal Ultrasound yesterday (You're welcomeeee.) The best part was it was bulk billed so cost me $0, thank you Australia for at least trying with your healthcare system (here is looking at you, America!)

Aside from the fact that my stepmom got me hooked on 13 Reasons Why like the 14 year old I truly am and that I have been eating way too many sandwiches because I forgot how good plain white bread can taste without all the added sugar (Again America, that's for you!) that's about all that's been happening! 

I'm definitely going a bit stir crazy not having anything particularly productive to fill my days with for the first time in years, so here is hoping next time I post I'm sharing the news that I've finally found a job! 

Oh also, it turns out my month long heart attack was actually just indigestion, who fucking knew! 

G2G my Tum's are calling.

Wait! I almost forgot! This past weekend my youngest brother was the lead in his school musical in a move completely out of left field as nobody in my family even knew he could carry a tune. I went to two out of three performances and had a little cry the first night along with all the Mother's like the supportive parent I am. Right before he went on for the first night he told me he was completely dead inside so the fact he even made it out there was a great accomplishment. I don't think he reads here (and if he does....well...oops) So here is a snippet of one of his songs. Side note, his love interest in the play is his actual girlfriend because this is High School Musical and we are all in this together, obviously! 

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