Saying Yes.

I have a huge problem.

First, some back story. I am very happy with who I am. I'm an introvert by nature and although I fake being a social butterfly well most of the time I would much prefer to do my own thing. I like my own company, I know what makes me happy, I like what I like and I find it almost impossible to change myself because of others opinions.

I have always known who I was, even when I didn't know it. I am opinionated and straight forward which I have noticed can get me into some trouble, yet at my core I don't come from a mean place. I'm internally happy, even in the darkest of times or situations, even when I'm crying my eyes out or complaining about the most trivial of things, I am content and optimistic about wherever it is I'm going.

I believe in karma and simple kindness and I'm honestly a very open book. Ask me anything and I'll tell you my true opinion. Sometimes I greatly dislike this quality, and would much prefer to fake nice with those around me, but I am learning to accept, brutal honesty is the way I am whilst at the same time trying to teach myself to contain it sometimes.

When I love, I love with every bone in my body and once you are my friend you will always have a special place in my heart. I am not a jealous person, I know how to be happy for people, I am proud of my friends for all they are achieving and will support those I love in whatever makes them happiest. I'm not one for sharing with strangers, and most people find they really don't know much about me at the end of the day but my biggest problem is my inability to say yes.

I am a person that gets stuck in my ways, both good and bad. Whether it's a streak of going out every night or a wave of working too hard, I get complicated comfortably and it's hard for me to sway.

Luckily for me I have a friend who is innately programmed the same way and we are helping each other break this cycle. New, weird and wonderful things on the horizon.

Watch this space.

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