Oh the people you'll meet: Minnie (oh fine and Lincoln)

Now before I get started, technically this "person you'll meet" isn't a person. But this is my blog, I make the rules around here so shush.

I must start by saying if at this point in my life I had time for a puppy and my landlord wasn't such a hater of happiness, I would have one....or seven. Unfortunately that is frowned upon as the seven bolded paragraphs on my lease inform me and after setting our roof on fire last summer we tend to tread very lightly around here.

One of my roommates though seems to be an animal magnet. We always have random fury things darting around the apartment (oh and the mice....we have those too...Thanks NYC!) and it's safe to say I tend to get thoroughly attached to the adorable bastards!

This is Maisy. She appeared in a giant Trader Joe's bag one afternoon.

"That looks heavy what did you buy?"
"Oh nothing, it's a cat. I had to sneak her in."

And nothing else was said on the topic, but we now had a cat to play with. She spent the night helping me back for my trip overseas, followed by a brief trip up the ladder to change a light bulb.

Oh and then she destroyed the kitchen.

The Moral of this story is, if you are in the NYC area and ever need an animal deprived girl to  snuggle on your pets for a night or two. I'm your girl!

sidenote: This is Lincoln. 

He also had a little unexpected holiday in our apartment a couple of months before Minnie. At the time we weren't aware of his name and loving named the poor little boy Lola....sorry for the gender confusion, I hope it didn't scare you too much pup.

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