May the 12th be with you....what? That's not how it works? Balls.

New York has been killin' it even more with the weather these last few it makes me want to cry.

Something else that makes me want to cry but for a very polar reason? The fact that I spent my entire Monday looking through the security footage at work because I kept losing things and had to rewind my steps. After the 3rd time (literally) I just gave up handling important documents as I'm obviously 2 years old and my Mum isn't around to find them. 

Speaking of Mum she came to visit this weekend....because it's Mother's Day and I'm her favourite child.

(My Aunty was here aswell. She came specifically to teach me all about meat paste and sardines on life is now better).

It was a flying visit yet she still managed to force Hillary and I into about 34 selfies...seriously, if there is one thing that woman loves it is a selfie....and checking in on Facebook.


Also, New Zealand 2014 is officially booked and ready (I mean I didn't book Dad did...because hi, poor...sidenote:I'm his favourite too...I'm fabulous) so I thought I should probably get all my shit together aka passport aka passport photos aka seriously does anybody look good in these? I came looking my very best with my fanciest greasy bun and dead person face. I'm just too good looking sometimes.

Let us now pray for ugly TSA officers.

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