Throwback Thursday

 Old Orchard Beach 2012. For the four years after we graduated high school my old school friends and I would take a day trip to Old Orchard Beach, Maine every summer. Eventually it all got too difficult to arrange a time were we could all all align for that solitary day and simply turned into run in's closer to home (all of us moved south after high school and OOB was way north of all of us so it stopped making sense). For those four years we did make the hike, we often found ourselves under cloudy skies, and a little chilly....turns out when you plan a beach trip months in advance, you can't always rely on good weather! Nonetheless, it was a fun little tradition for a few years.

I look at this picture now and I can't help but laugh. I was 148 pounds and a size 6, yet I felt like an actual whale. Isn't that always the way? You look back on your teenage self and think, god girl what were you actually thinking you freakin' star? Hindsight man, it's always 20/20.

Sunapee 2007. Celebrating the last day of middle school with celebratory Pizza Chef. This was right before I moved back to Australia (and I write this post the night before I move back to Australia again, fitting). This little town and these little summer days wandering around, swimming in the lake and eating pizza are so special to me. At the time I thought it was boring, I came from a city and thought a little more hustle and bustle would spice up my 14 tear old life. Now I can look back fondly. It's funny, as soon as we threw our caps in the air, all of us scattered like shrapnel on to bigger places, hungry for more. I think it's special that even though we all live completely separate lives now, we can still appreciate the childhood we spent in that little town.

Sunapee 2006. Just a group of 13 year olds, dressing up and taking pictures on digital camera the size of small houses. After this picture we literally sung into hairbrushes, and snuck back into the house like a scene from a perfect teen movie.

New York City 2012. The Blarney Stone- The messiest non-carding bar in Manhattan. Two things about this night, 1. My fake ass wig was an inch away from falling off my head and 2. A girl I worked with was shamelessly flirting with the guy I had been sporadically tormenting and crying at for the past few months, and I saw fucking red. I went up to him and pretended I was leaving so he would follow me and get away from her... he jumped up quick, snatched his stuff from her and walked out with me. I thought I won, turns out I was still a complicated 18 year old and so really what is winning when you still wake up a mess?

Las Vegas 2017- Have you ever gotten so drunk at a work event that you tried to get into a strangers suitcase or had to leave a conference mid-way through to make yourself throw up? Because I have. 

New York City 2016. This was at a time in my life were every few weeks my friends and I would meet up at a restaurant called Mexican Radio, drink margaritas and commiserate about our lives. 

Perth 2007. Who holds their drink so close to their face? Someone who really wants to prove they are drinking alcohol at 14. This was honestly such a fun night that felt like it went on for 30 years and I remember so vividly well. Side note: I'm especially fond of the Supre shirts that were all the rage in 2007.

Brisbane 2019. This is what I call, two middle children pretending we are taller than we really are. Nice heal placement, kids. 

New York City 2014. This is me being drunker than the group at a Dallas BBQ like a classy, classy lady. The key memory of this night is violently throwing up Pina Coladas, and refusing to go to The 13th Step because I stand by the fact that I hate that place.

Sunapee 2005. We were such a little trio at this time, I believe this was the night we went to the Newport Bonfire, before realizing we hated it and sitting under a tree waiting to be picked up, talking about how we wanted to do our own version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but we couldn't do pants because our heights we so varied so we would do a traveling shirt. 

New York City 2011. This was at a one bedroom apartment on 11th avenue that was home to about 7 Brazilians. I'm not even going to give details, that's all the info you get.

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