Music Monday VI

MM Throwback: In honor of being reunited with my little munches

Moon River by Frank Ocean

I really like Moon River, and every now and then stumble across a cover that I love but Frank Ocean and Audrey still live at the top of my list. 

Town Called Malice by The Jam

I have a funny feeling I've spoken about this song before, but I'm too lazy to go back and check. I was first introduced to it by my friend Mariaan while walking through Perth's northern suburbs in the summer of 2007. I remember that day so vividly, and have loved the song ever since. 

Long Live The Queen- Frank Turner SongBook Version

Ok I definitely know I have spoken about this song before because the original version was featured on my first Music Monday. With that being said, I've been loving this version a lot this week so I'm being a Music Monday song repeater, with a twist! 

The Boys Light Up by Australian Crawl

There is a special place in my heat for old-school Australian pub rock. It reminds me of hot Australian summers, getting out of the swimming pool to run to the shops with my Mum, sans shoes and with plenty of chlorine stinging my eyes while it plays on the radio in the background. 

                             Show Me Heaven by Tina Arena  
If I'm curling my hair there is a great chance I'm dramatically lip syncing this song into my mirror at the same time.

Bossa Nova Baby by Elvis

Two of Hearts by Stacey Q
Back in the summer of 2012 my rooftop was a happening ass place. A rotating group of us were always up there drinking tall boys and playing drinking games (it was also the summer I realized I couldn't chug). One day in particular my pal Colleen was in charge of the music and played this song on a loop and now it defines that entire summer for me. I recently rediscovered it while dancing to it at a shitty Brooklyn dive bar.

Trust by Generationals

I used to have a close friend called Olivia and whenever I would say her name I couldn't not sing song it the way it's pronounced in this song, therefore this song was in my head for what felt like years.

Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpets & The Social Experiments

I fuck with anything Chance the Rapper touches. Thank you and Goodnight.

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