Bye Bye Beach House

I'm almost done being sentimental I promise but today is my last day in Hermosa Beach. I scrolled back through my old phone to find pictures of my very first day here. It seems like yesterday honestly, and when I zero in on all the things that have happened since this day I'm actually a little shocked. 

I loved Hermosa, but I really wanted to fall deeper. If I could pick it up and move it, or fill it with my friends and family I would truly never leave. It's hard to admit that sometimes something you wanted to work so badly just didn't pan out, relationships and homes alike. 

Sending Mum and Best Friend a little video tour obviously. 

PS. Do you want to hear a random thing that made me sad whilst* moving? I used to have a really weird habit of overbuying bananas and then shoving them into my freezer as they turned brown. insisting I would use them to make banana bread. I have never made banana bread in my life, but for some reason it felt right to have 30 bananas on hand just in case. It used to drive my ex-boyfriend absolutely crazy. I actually don't think any one of my quirks annoyed him more. I would just shrug it off and insist that when I did make banana bread he would never get any. It was our little bit so taking all those bananas out to the dumpster yesterday, knowing they will never be banana bread made me  tear up. It's a good thing I'm leaving town actually, I can almost hear the neighbours whispering about the emotional weirdo with a bag full of bananas. 

**My friend Meghan used to go insane when I used the word whilst, she was sure it wasn't a real word. Personal apologies for that one Meg!

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