You ain't about that corn life?

WARNING: I really need to stop late night blogging because it really is nonsense...nonsense I tell you!

It's 2:35 am and I'm currently sitting in my bed eating corn and on Wayne. 

The other night my roommates and I were in a very heated debate about communism, capitalism and the American dream (I'm not even fucking with you...we keep it political at 293) and one of said roommates became very alarmed when I de-husked an ear of corn and started eating it raw (oh, you thought this was going to be something profound? I said we keep it political at 293...this is not 293...this is my brain and nothing profound is happening in this beast). Is that weird? Is corn not meant to be consumed raw? Should I see myself out? Haters.

I just spent the last few minutes reading through the news headlines on some terribly written news website, isn't it crazy how many terrible things are happening right at this moment? It's eerie that this little blond girl gets murdered in cold blood and somewhere out there her family is distraught, trying to fathom live without her yet, as someone who doesn't know her, I barely flinch as I see her sandwiched between stories about Kim Kardashians latest booty shot and a picture of Harper Beckham who made headlines for simply wearing yellow. Life is weird, the things we become numb to are weird...weird.

This is getting heavy....

On a more light hearted note, I am currently watching The Descendants and I can clarify that I still find George Clooney almost alarmingly attractive....I don't know where you were up until two weeks ago George, but I'm very glad my heart finally woke up.

Sidenote: I don't live on Staten Island and I'm not sure why it says that...but I genuinely felt a strong urge to clarify that I don't live on Staten Island! In the words of the ever honest Jess Buckley, "It shouldn't even be a borough, it should just be an island!" 

Can we also talk about how this sign has been posted on my door for a week now? That's right I have been without water for a vast majority of the day due to construction. Speed up and ship out boys, I'm getting tired of you.

Ok fine, I'll really see myself out now...

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