Hungover Brain.


This is my attempted hangover cure. It's not working. Working all day on a Saturday is miserable enough add in a throbbing head and I'm an inch away from lying on the floor and refusing to move.

Last night I went to Staten Island and do you know what sucks? Staten Island. I'm sorry to anybody who is offended by such a statement but I mean, come on you know it's true. Luckily for me it was a short little expedition and I got to take a boat while incredibly intoxicated, which was fun. Oh and I got a free grilled cheese from a stranger at the bar! I think he thought if he ran home (aka next door) and made me a grilled cheese, that I would then melt to the floor and fall in love with him...he was wrong. I took it and skipped on back to my boat...sorry kind sir, you make a great sandwich but that is all our relationship will ever be!

Long story short, I spent my night on a shitty reject burrow eating strangers food and now I feel like I have been hit by a train. Life is a funny thing...

The best part about living on a struggle bus? My older brother also lives on a struggle bus and 5am is a great time to ask the crucial questions...


K, I need to go shot gun a Redbull and fake that I'm not dying....wish me luck.


These were the wake up texts from my boss. Professionalism ain't dead people! 

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