No Sleep Till Brooklyn (No seriously get me back to Brooklyn I'mexhausted)

I'm exhausted. Do you know when you have those moments at around 3am when you decide to forgo sleep and just soldier through your day before instantly regretting it right before your alarm is scheduled? That was my night last night. Just as I was finally nodding off my brother called me and it woke me right back on up. My eyes are on fire and it's only 11:33am. Fantastic.

I'm currently curled up on a bench like a homeless person listening to Frank Turner and drinking a mochachino because the weren't selling espresso IVs.

Is it wrong to want to punch this squirrel right in his nuts? 

I'm waiting for my little sugar plum to come and get lunch with me. He is late...tardiness ain't cute dude.

Also, someone just asked me if I was looking forward to it snowing I'm sorry. What the heck did  you say? IT IS SPRING NYC! Get it together.

Wow I'm too aggressive right now....

It's almost like I need a nap or something.

I'm going to go book shopping in a bitter attempt to make my morning better..

I'm pathetic. 

I apparently also hate paragraphs.

Sorry not sorry.

Oh great and now my eyes are watering.

Pay no attention to the weeping, homeless girl....

Ok seriously fuck yourself squirrel.

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