Today was a good day.

It started off with one of my oldest NewYork friends bringing me my favourite cookies, because she is a sweetheart and I love her for it! That being said, if you live in New York and you haven't had cookies from Levains bakery, I'm going to need you to just go right ahead and strangle yourself. My friend Caitlin brought them into work at Lilly Pulitzer once and literally all day everyone kept running downstairs to sneaky snack because we are all the worst....speaking of, I miss those gals! I thought working with all females would make me want to skewer my eyes out, but they were definitely some good eggs!

After slowly eating my cookie, whilst trying to hide it from the cute waiter who could blatantly tell it was not from his cafe, I thought my day was made. I was wrong, whilst still surfing my cookie wave I proceeded to get four (four!) phone calls about internships and big girl jobs. I didn't realize how much I really needed that.

One thing I'm really struggling with right now is a feeling of fulfillment. I am content in my little ways, and in the position I'm in, but at the same time I feel like something is missing. I know I'm only inches into my 20's and I am right in the middle of the building block period, working my way into the real world, but I still don't want to feel like all my efforts are for nothing or that I'm working towards an empty space.

Long story short, I have internship interviews lined up all next week to try and bring on some motivation AND I already have an amazing PR job lined up for the summer that will allow me to spend my summer nights listening to music in Central Park....soooo I mean what's not to like?

My day took I slight dip when I had to spend 4 hours organizing mens underwear (see: unfulfilled), but luckily for me though, once it was over I got to take a trip to Pepperidge Farm for a healthy and nutritious dinner!

aka I had cookies for dinner.

On todays addition of "Things People Said to Me Today...."

"I like hanging around you Jordyn because you're like an ego boost, you always laugh really hard at everything I say." Fine, it's true! I find things way too hilarious.

"Why are you dressed like Wednesday Addams?"
"Or a toddler..."
"YES! That's exactly it! Toddler Addams!" Hey, hey, hey...fuck you guys!

"Wait your parents never smacked you as a child? That explains so much" ...Sorry my parents love me, dicks!

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