I've been looking for you, Lone Star.

In honor of the travesty that was Leo not getting his Oscar, I put my weeping heart aside and forced myself to watch Dallas Buyers Club. My initial thought was of course, If Jared Leto is still prettier than me as a cracked out, AIDs sufferer, inchs away from death....I will cry....

He was.

It's honestly ridiculous how pretty that man is....although thinking about it, I guess being pretty isn't really what a man strives to be classified as....Sorry Baby Jared....I'm sure you are many things and to only value you for your beautiful face....perfect ombre....amazing bone structure....sorry what was I talking about?

I hate to admit it...but Matthew McConaughey (If you have a name that requires google...I hate you...) was scarily good, for a moment I got concerned that he was genuinely dying of AIDS. His skeletal body drowning in hospital gowns and an oversized cowboy hat showed sheer determination, the fact that he devoted his entire being to this role was obvious and although I will die Team Leo...I'll give you this one McCondominium.

Foodstamp wasn't so forgiving. Princess kitty was so  Team Leo she refused to watch and instead spent the two hours playing in the corner looking at the wall. Leo or Die.

Another faithful member of Team Leo; Tommy refused to watch and instead choose to spread out, dose up and knock out (not entirely true....he was just a sleepy bunny.)

Overall? I learned I would rather die with my boots on, Leonardo DiCaprio is still gorgeous, AIDS is a scary beast, bullfighting is weird, Leonardo DiCaprio is still gorgeous, Jared Leto will never not be pretty, McCockandBalls isn't actually dying, and I live with a full grown man who has worn this Beaver suit for a week now....

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