Shitty People.

I promise my blog will eventually melt back into my alcoholic tendencies and dumb jokes, but for now I have another bone to pick with the world.

People really piss me off.

Hear me out.

I have a secret. I'm obsessed with pop culture. I love reading really bad articles about all the latest goings on that somehow managed to become news. But every now and then I manage to stumble across something of note. Today it was this article. To over simplify- It is the story of two parents whose little girl decided at the tender age of 2, that she was a boy. She constantly questioned why god made her like this, and she lived a very confused little life. When she reached the age of 5 and her parents realized that this wasn't simply a childish stage and she wasn't just a tomboy, they embraced him for what he was. They cut his hair and started to refer to him as a male and were met with a much happier child (and a bunch of assholes who turned their backs on the family....but why waste your breath on them.) This story made me really happy.

In a world where we are constantly told about the suicides of children struggling to understand the world in which they live, of parents who can't cope with the real identity of the children they created, this made me genuinely smile. It made me so happy that this little boy would grow up knowing that no matter how many cruel words were thrown at him on the playground, no matter how many asshole kids put him down, that he would always have a haven in the arms of his parents. It made me happy that maybe just maybe this would show other children that it isn't such a scary thing, admitting who you really are, for those who love you will always love every single part of you.

Then I read the comments.

I hate people. These parents were not forcing a little girl into a life changing surgery, they were simply supporting their son in becoming who he was by doing something as little as letting him cut his hair and referring to him as a male. If he grew older and decided maybe it was just a phase, he could make that decision, they were simply showing him they would love him regardless. 

These commenters are grown adults. Grown adults that don't think that supporting your child, making them feel loved and showing them that no matter what they are, you are their number one supporter, is a good idea. I hope with every single fiber of my being that every last one of these commenters do the world a favor and forgo parenthood. 

I'm not a parent, I wouldn't be for quite some time but I know that above anything my child will be loved. I can also promise that I will never be a grown adult/keyboard warrior who bullies a little boy from the safety of my own home, a little boy who is 100 times stronger than they will ever be.

No but seriously, people are assholes. 

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