Spring is here.

Today was a gorgeous Sunday in the ole' apple, which would normally mean you couldn't pay me enough to not slam mimosas and eat waffles with some gals. Buuuut unfortunately for me, I'm starting a new job and due to horrible circumstances in pay periods, I will be broke until late May.

Which means no brunch :/

Very few fabulous spring outings :/

And even fewer new pretty summery dresses :/

But it does mean plenty of time for a little spring cleaning.

When I clean, I cleeeeean. At around 11, I spent many a night organizing and fixing up my lovely little room. Pushing my king sized bed around from corner to corner like it was nothing. Creating sitting nooks and desperately trying to push my bulky desktop around my "study zone". I would get lost in my own little world, singing a little song, doing a little dance.

Today was no different.

It took a little longer than planned because my apartment is full of such a large assortment of crap, it's sometimes hard to find a home for it all.

If anybody has a handbook about where to properly store a pez dispenser and a tech deck...pass it this way.

Luckily for me, I didn't work alone though.

She mainly handled the nibbling, whilst I worked on the scrubbing. But we had a lovely little chat and she didn't really mind that I belted Disney songs whilst I worked.

Ok...well she didn't mind at first! But a few hours in she called it quits, hit the bottle and posted up in the breeze, now annoyed by my tunes.


Sorry babe. I'll get you some wet food to make it up I you!

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