Pale and proud (No but really, make me tan)

We have officially reached my least favourite time of the year. I have loving labeled said time, "Yay it's summer...fakey no it's not...wait it's summer!...noo -20 degrees?....Wait no it's summer....oh look it's snowing."

Ok fine, it's a little wordy but it's a work in progress.

Luckily for me though,I'm really good at not giving a hoot.

Who is that confused girl wearing a summer dress and a wool coat? Why are her pale legs flapping in the breeze, yet her toes are still firmly planted in winter boots?

I call it blissfully confused.

Now to aid in the bliss, it's quesadilla and margarita time! 

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

(Ok fine, I actually had my first margarita at lunch today...this really is an amazing holiday!)

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