Tuesday's child is full of grace.

It's reached the time of the year where I live in my bikini and my roommates and neighbors have to constantly put up with a half naked Jordyn.

What lucky ducks!

So how was everyone's Tuesday?

I spent all day laying around in my sunshine soaked bedroom reading, writing and jamming out to 90's Silverchair.

Throw me on a beach and you have unlocked level: "Jordyn's perfect Tuesday".

I like relaxing, it's one of my best qualities, I'm a good relaxer. I've noticed a lot of my friends can't seem to switch off. They live in a constant bubble of work or friends or nightlife or appointments. If they are not physically surrounded by people, they are digitally surrounded in a sea of texts or new media. They need constant stimulation. A life so hectic must be exhausting. 

I don't do exhausted well.

That's why days like these are my bread and butter. Days where I can just hang out, do whatever I so desire, no boy drama, no friend drama and especially no work drama.

Now, it's really pretty out, I'm in an amazing mood and it is nearing my favourite time of the day so it's time to potentially ruin that mood by forcing myself to go for a blister footed run....#alcoholicwithanafflictionforstillettosproblem.

(I have been phone blogging these last few weeks, which is why my formatting is all but royally eff'd. Apologies!)

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