Coffee Club

Sometimes I get really stressed out.

I think it's an age thing that has me constantly worrying about what I'm doing, how I'm going to do it, and what I want to be. I'm pretty sure it will never end....Your worries just shift and you keep on stressing. I'm starting to accept it is simply a part of life that you slowly work through and combat.

When moments of hair pulling stress flood my mind and leave me close to tears ( or let's be honest, already knee deep in tears...I'm a wuss), I need to pick myself back up. If I was a regular adult, I would pour myself a large cup of coffee and just sit for a moment, letting the caffeine perk me back up and send me pinballing in any direction.

But I'm a child...and a child with stretch marks.

So I instead choose to rub those same coffee beans all over my bod.

As an avid blog reader I heard about Frank many moons ago, yet was always too lazy to try it out. Eventually whilst bored online shopping naked one day, I spotted some little imperfections, and since I had my credit card already in hand, I ordered my little coffee pouch.

A little back story, I feel like I became a woman very quickly. One day I was a lanky 8 year old and the next day I had chubby thighs and boobs. Seriously, when I was 12 my best friend told me her Mum even commented on how mature my figure was. This blink in time left me with some stretch marks on my thighs which I have never really been fussed about because I had big boobs and that was totally better. 

In fact, I have always liked my whole body, and aside from one time my mum pointed my stretch marks out in an Old Navy and I almost clawed her eyes out, I haven't minded my little stretch marks either. But I figured, if for $15 I can rub some coffee on my bod, feel all zen, lie in my cool bathtub reading for 10 minutes a day and have my skin be all smooth and even...why the heck not?

It's vegan...and Australian!

And it there is two things I love it's Australia....

And bacon.

(Thought I was going to say vegan hm?)

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