Sunshine, Throwbacks and Sax


 Reporting live from my families backyards, it's Thursday afternoon. 

I continue to spend my days interviewing and sitting, sitting and interviewing. Thankfully I have interviews almost every day, so like....if I beg and annoy them hard enough someone has to hire me I'm sure of it! 

Aside from applying (jobs and suntan lotion) we also spent this past weekend starting to purge the house of things that no longer belong. I'm a huge advocate for a good old fashion spring clean, I love donating things I don't need and keeping useless items out of my stepmother is definitely not of that same philosophy. She likes her stuff and her stuff likes here, so Marie Kondo'ing any piece of the house was quite shocking, the best part though? I found some great memories tucked away in all that stuff!

The first item was this So Fresh CD.  I used to LOVE compilation CD's like So Fresh and the different Barbie mix CD's (My favourite being Barbie's Pool Party Volume 1, a CD I loved so much I burned it onto a cassette to give to my neighbour). They were essentially mixes of amazing, early 2000's bangers that defined my pre-teens and after re-listening I can confirm...still bangers! The very first song on the CD when I popped it in was The Ketchup Song and you better believe after over 15 years I still remember the dance moves!

Next up, I found the old recipe book published by my primary school in the 90's.  My family and I used this book so hard that the cover only hangs on by a thread. One of my mum's classic hits was pikelets under a tea towel when we would get home from school and where did she get that recipe? The classic Edgewater Primary School cookbook!

The recipe I contributed was Rocky Road.....another one of Mum's classics which I'm going to make one of these days to make sure it still hits the same!

My third and final throwback is this old Jazz Jackrabbit computer game that my brothers and I loved so hard it is completely covered in scratches. My granddad sent this game to us when we first got our  family computer that lived in our living room on my older brothers old desk covered in Bad Boy stickers. I personally completed the game on multiple occasions and would have LOVED to play it again but unfortunately I no longer have that big old computer that Jazz Jackrabbit used to run around on for hours and unfortunately the little guy doesn't really love Mac's the same way,. 

Another really young, cool thing I've been doing with of all my free time is obsessing over my little Woolworths seedlings. For those outside of Australia, Woolworth's is one of our two main grocery stores here and at the moment with every $30 spend you get a little seedling kit. Woolworths and it's competitor Coles often run these "Collect them all" type programs which often involve little plastic things that nobody actually needs, yet somehow all collect. Woolworths took a turn this time and went sustainable with their "Grow your own" collectables and boy oh freaking boy am I growing my own!

It's been a great way to hold me over until I get my own house with my own garden which I'm so beyond excited about because this is 26 guys!

Last but not least on my busy and happening schedule was my youngest brothers music concert. He plays the saxophone and as part of his final grade him and his other little musical cronies had to put on a concert. So of course my family, and every person we have ever met went along to support him.

P.S. My brother also informed us he had a surprise for us at his concert, which turned out to be him singing a song as well as playing his sax...the best part of this whole thing is that we actually knew about this surprise for weeks because his music teacher let it he was being all secretive and we were being secretive about knowing what he was being secretive about..a mess.

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