Tinky Winky, Dordyline, Unemployment and Po.

I got a job! Life is so productive! I'm making moves, people.

Oh wait, that was all a complete lie!

Instead of being a contributing member of society I am instead spending my days eating my weight in sausage rolls, binge watching Bondi Rescue and desperately wanting to be at work. How backwards is that!

I haven't been unemployed for this long since I was about 14 years old, I don't do well with this much free time! It gives me far too much time to worry about things I can't control, or shop for things I shouldn't waste my money on.

For example, today I woke up and after applying to 40 jobs I spent an hour or so googling productive hobbies, signed up for two volunteer opportunities, contemplated baking bread from scratch and then went to the mall to buy bike shorts (as if I would ever actually wear bike shorts?) and sheet masks.

Alas, I'll keep chugging along, applying for jobs and crossing my fingers that one pops up soon. As much as I love being back living at home for a little bit (Uhm hello, the whole house currently smells like the corned beef we are about to eat for dinner....I love corned beef....Living solo Jordan could neeeeever!) I'm so excited to get my own place, find a dog child (I found a deaf Great Dane called Skittles up for adoption yesterday and honestly have thought of nothing else since!) and start my garden....I'm so young and cool!

Speaking of young and cool, I present to you a video I call "White People turning the FUCK up"

....This past weekend was a family friends 50th "Best of British" party and let's just say...the day after wasn't the most pain free day I have ever had! My family and I dressed up as Teletubbies, I was the adorable sun baby and my Dad was a very effeminate Tinky-Winky, finished with my pale foundation, signature dance move and a bright red bag (whilst buying this bag the sales lady complimented the choice, and I got so much joy responding "Thanks! It's for my Dad!") 

....I've also been spending a good amount of time sitting in the sun (94 degrees in winter? I'll take it!) re-reading Harry Potter for the 34th time or listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama with the Pups. 

....Interviewing and roaming around town

...drinking a bottle of wine out at dinner with my family and forgetting how to act

and honestly, that's about it!

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