Look who remembered how to blog.

I'm back (kind of...I lost the .com domain...but I'm told .net is the new fall color, so get onboard)

I have a laundry list of excuses but to save us all the time, they all whittle down to the fact that I have been in a major blue period.

Not blue in the sense of unimaginable sadness, or grieving...simply blue. I've been existing, constantly busy but never fulfilled...lost? or I mean not lost...just simply not found.

I have blamed this constant emotional blur on age for the last 6 years now, I'm hoping one day the bubble finally bursts and I'm complete, but after talking to people many years my senior I doubt that ever truly happens. 

I'm beginning to think we simply muddle through. Some days are filled with more clarity than others, some days our face hurts from smiling and the next it's moistened with tears and we are constantly left questioning what is coming next. 

Now we have reached the part of the post where I remind myself to chill the fuck out and simply throw in a bunch of way past due photos from my trip to New Zealand to counteract all the depth.

Have you ever seen the Youtube video "Annoying?" I have now seen it in real life, starring my equally as annoying younger brothers. 

And on that note, I bid you adieu....

 Oh and to all the lovely people in my life who are wondering why I appeared to gain 43 pounds whilst abroad...Turner's love a good floor picnic, drinking too much wine and ice-cream with every meal. 

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