Throwback Thursday

I don't have Instagram...therefore I don't Throwback Thursday....I feel like I'm missing out on an important life I'm going to start doing it right here, try and stop me.

Apparently Summer is really exhausting when you are 17.

I was a very unimpressed child.

I took this selfie drunk at 2am on New Years Eve 2011 and I just remember being so fucking stoked on it at the time....then Adele's album cover for 21 came out and I realized the bitch had totally stolen my Facebook profile picture!! #swaggerjagger #hataz.

Speaking of proud New Years Eve selfies...I took this Selfie on New Years Eve 2009 with all the girls who define my high school existence....also can we quickly stop to talk about how 15 year old Jordyn is identical to 21 year old Jordyn? 

....12 years old was a challenging time for all of us ok! 

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