Ranting about world stuff.

Some nights I fall into the internet.

Some nights they are good tumbles, filled with children doing hilarious things or videos of peopling eat foreign food on Buzzfeed.

Some nights they are emotional scrolls through pages and pages of historical tragedies.

Tonight though, I fell into a black hole of a different variety. A wander through the Twitter accounts that belonged to the friends/ families/acquaintances of the victims of a recent school shooting in Washington.

Firstly, a little backstory, I have never lost anybody to tragedy, in fact I have only ever lost one person  in my entire life. I am lucky. My grieving has been minimal, and death has never been a major factor in my life to date...I do not know what these people are going through.

Because of this I wouldn't normally judge, instead choosing to respect that this is their way of grieving and move politely on their way. But something about this particular case is grinding on me.

Like you would expect, these twitter accounts are filled with emotional tears and pictures from the past, there are tributes and memories being shared and the omnipresent creepy New York Times journalists lurking about begging for an interview. But instead of two little angel emojis signing every tweet for the two girls who were brutally murdered....there are three.

These people are calling their best friends murder, an angel.

"Rest in peace my loves Jaylen F, Gia S & Zoe G. I love you all"

"I know you and God will be looking after Zoe and Gia in Heaven Jaylen! Atleast you are together up there!"

This person even claimed they were mad that people were calling Jaylen a murderer....even after he murdered all those people.

Like yeah man, fuck the haters right?

Whenever one of these events take place we are suddenly face to the face with the murderer. They are on every newsstands, people appear to come out of every woodwork in town to claim that they were truly a good person and the victims? They become a number. They are simply one of 12 slain...5 shot...6 dead.

We all know who Adam Lanza is, but can someone tell me even two of his 6 year old victims?

I can't, and I truly wish I could.

Whilst doing a little background wandering (and how I initially found the twitter accounts) I stumbled upon this article titled, Jaylen Fryberg: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. Fact 1 told me that apparently I needed to know he recently broke up with his girlfriend.

I didn't.

I've broken up with someone before, heck I've even been jealous of another's relationship before and do you know what I didn't do? Murder people.

This boy should not be glorified, he should not be romanticized and he definitely should not have his name memorialized beside the lives he stole.

This boy is not in heaven.

This boy is not an angel.

This boy is a murderer.

If you shoot even a single someone in the head, you are not and will never ever be a good person.

Side note: One of the boys shot and cousin of the shooter, Nate Hatch, tweeted his forgiveness for his shooter. This I can respect, forgiveness to me is a personal thing. Forgiveness is refusing to let another dictate your emotions, it's freeing your mind for your own sake. It is not justifying a killers actions.

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