This post is purely for my Mum....

The other day I was telling my mum about how Google Plus always takes my selfies (or at least any picture I take repeatedly of the same thing all at one time) and makes them gifs and she mentioned she couldn't see them and instead they just looked like weird awkward selfies. So I present to you "Every single Gif Google Plus has made of my weird looking face that my Mum can't see and will never understand"

Also, the reason I have so many selfies is because my ex and I have this thing where we don't actually talk we just send selfies back and forth....maybe this is why his girlfriend hates me? epiphany!

That stage of drunk where your hair just kind of ends up on a drunk pile atop your head.

Being adorable to send to my Dad a selfie to remind him I am forever the greatest fathers day gift....also those selfies you take but forget to send....hey Dad, this is me being adorable.

New Zealand is ok...not as good as Australia...but ok.
Cutting all my hair off emotions.

I'm really good at selfies.

Did you sneeze bro? No? Just your face?

It's my birthday.....super happy?

Drunk on the metro north....people are staring...eating chex mix.Also too lazy to untie headphones.

Stephi loves cheesecake. 
Gabe loves mirrors....and actually anything that houses his reflection.

Bitches love Sombreros.

The locked out hallway series....many embarrassment.

The day Calvin told me I looked like a cocker spaniel. 

There's no place like home.

Bye work. Buy Alcohol.

I do the duck face ironically I swear. 

Kenneth Cole has a great selfie mirror.

I'm bored of my face now...

Oh look Kendals face instead!

A lot of people at Union Square Station at 4 am watched me take these.

Just being a cupcake...always.

20 year old Existential crisis.

That time I got a concussion and wanted to I took selfies so everyone knew I wanted to die. 

Ok I literally can't look at any more moving pictures of my stupid face....

Oh and also a word to future me- looking through pictures of yourself is a really bad idea...because you are a really weird human....

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