Life is lovely.

Today I deposited $200 more dollars in my "Move to California, buy many pugs and a Mini Cooper" made me really happy. So happy that for the last 20 minutes I have been sitting here writing a list of the other things that make me just as happy. I do this sort of thing a lot, because a lot of things piss me off so it's nice to zero in on the other side of things.

This is what I've got so far...

They are beautiful 

Calling people dream boats
...mainly my friend Olivia. She is a dreamboat.

Eating lots of food, but then quickly drinking soda so you can burp out some air and make room for more food....
All Class. 

My friend Brandon's favourite donut is a stale, crusty, plain donut....that is how good they are! That people still love them when they are old,boring and stale. 

When you are in a public place, surrounded by loads of drunk strangers (bonus points if they are old drunk strangers) and everybody is super messy and fun, and suddenly you are all old friends.
"Oh my god Bryan! Jordyn did you hear what Bryan just said? God that is so Bryan." -Katie Decantur talking about her new BFF Bryan (real name not Bryan).

Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys
I just like it, man.

Arriving on the platform just as your train pulls in
Bonus points if it is an express train.

Sincere compliments.
An elderly lady stopped me on the street the other day to ask for directions and she told me I looked like a "perfect little european doll"...I'm not sure what that meant, but I'll take it. 

Hearing Australian accents.
Specifically Australian women's accents. I have narrowed this down to the fact that when I was younger I was soothed by Australian voices, and therefore find them naturally calming. I remember being stuck on a shuttle bus at LAX airport after a 12 hour flight delay and hearing an Australian lady talking in the corner of the crowded bus just made me feel better. 

My own jokes.
I honestly crack myself up. Like I'm my own biggest fan, the other day I made a joke to myself at like 2 in the morning whilst I was lying in bed and I laughed for like 20 minutes.

"Hello" from The Book of Mormon.
Mormonism fascinates me.  So much so that I'm actually reading The Book of Mormon...the actual religious book, not the play but I do know every word to every song in the play.....I'm cool, I swear. 

Outgoing children with no filter who talk to you about literally anything.
I suffered from intense shyness as a child, so much so that I used to crawl around on the floor when my mum had friends over to avoid being seen and I used to cry whenever people sung Happy Birthday to me, so I like this quality. Yesterday a girl came up to me, whilst I waited for the train and said, "You're really tall...." and just walked away and I thought it was awesome.

Cranking the AC and snuggling up under covers in the middle of a nauseatingly hot summer.
Things that don't make me happy: my electricity bill.

I really like words, particular nauseated and pretentious....and soliloquy...

Babies with really fat legs.
I mean, it's pretty self explanatory really....

Bloody Mary's.
I'm just all about them at the's a snack, and a drink...what's not to like!

Having my shit together.
Well I mean I'm sure I'll like it...some day...when I have it together...maybe...

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