Bring me Versace blue jeans, black designer underwear.

My exboyfriend always used to make fun of my weird music tastes. I've always been one of those assholes who kind of just listens to every kind of music, yet has a soft spot for terrible pop music, show tunes, 90's Silverchair and random old classics that make me feel like a four year old in the back of my parents car listening to crappy Australian "Hits of the decade" radio.

I don't really take it to seriously.

I like what I like, good or bad, obscure or generically terrible.

I like a wide assortment of junk basically, I can fake it 'til I make it, but among all the "credible music" on my iPod there is a lot of "tha fuck is this?"

Another one of my quirks is that when I love something, I loOoOoOve something. When I was a child and I liked a movie I would watch it until I had every subtle sigh memorized, a trait that may have fueled the already heated relationship my brother and I once had.

I'm the same with music.

When I get a song in my head, it's in there. I remember in High School I listened to Oh Darling by The Beatles every single morning for about three weeks before randomly quitting my addiction and moving on to 98' Freestyle by Big L. After being completely exhausted by that I went through a,  A very pretty song for a very special lady by The Ergs few days before rolling back around to one of my all time favourite songs Ooh La La by Faces.Don't worry though, I always managed to sprinkle my love of disney into the mix constantly flipping between my two favourite disney songs (Once upon a dream from Sleeping Beauty and True Loves Kiss from Enchanted......I have mentioned this before...take notes you will be quizzed).

Oh and I have always really liked Easy by The Commodores and that makes regular appearances in my life....My mum constantly reminds me that nobody actually admits to liking The Commodores but she also hated me for constantly listening to Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox so her opinion is now invalid to me.

Anyway I'm honestly rambling....shocking. The point of this was to talk about my current song of the minute....

It's this.

Because it is perfect.

Also, if I could be Neil Patrick Harris, I would love that....


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