Step 1

I'm at a crossroad…crossroads? big scary intersection of life? 

I turned 18 the summer after my senior year and a short month later I packed my bags, left my tiny town in snowy New England  and moved to New York City. I had to find an apartment, start college (then drop out…then drop back in…then drop back out….then drop back in….), find a job to support myself (Thanks for the trust fund Daddy….oh wait…that didn't happen) and learn how to keep myself alive….it's surprisingly difficult. 

I have had adventures, I've cried, I've had my heart broken, I've met the greatest people, I've met the worst people, I've worked my butt off and I've spent days in my bed hiding from life. New York can gnaw away at you, nibble lightly or complete devour your soul but only if you let it. 

It is now two years later, I'm in a new mind set and I want to share the journey with you….whoever you are….whether it's those small town girls wanting to experience something more whilst there stuck at 15 (been there), a stranger wanting to hear about others misfortunes to make themselves feel that little better (been there), or simply my future self in a moment of self reflection. I don't know, and I honestly don't care who you are, if you get a giggle or even a slight smile, I am happy. This is a place for me to share the laughs I've had, the things I love and every other random corner of my lovely and amazing, confusing and catastrophic calamity of a life. 

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