The Men of Manhattan: Max


Something every New Yorker knows about the busy, underground metal snakes full of crazy (see: The Subway) is that it's always best to keep your head down, eye contact with the wrong person can get you killed in this city! (joking, come visit us we would love to have you.)

This is where I differ from the average New Yorker.

I spend my morning commutes hidden behind a pair of oversized sunnies looking around the train studying the diversity that is crammed in all around me. If I catch the eye of a cute child or adorable suit-wearing gentleman, I transform from average New York to average Human being and I naturally throw them a smile. That is how I met Max.

There I was daintily leaning against the pole poised and perfectly composed in my wedges whilst some classical melody swam along my headphones and danced into my ear (see: clumsy mess, swaying ungracefully all over the train juggling a heavy purse whilst blasting Big L into my brain). When an unfortunate jolt of the metal bullet hurtled me toward two members of the ever present NYPD. 

"OH MY GOSH!" I squeaked through scrunched eyes. 

"Easyyyy...." I opened my eyes and smiled sweetly at the man I had moments ago used as landing pad.

"I'm so sorry..." I was met with a smile and after glancing around the train I noticed that everybody was still in their typical New York pose, "See something, look straight ahead and don't say shit!"

"Wow a smile, you must not be from New York," He whispered trying not to alarm the angry mob surrounding us.

"Not until recently, my heart still has some soul left in it..." We smiled and two stops later he pushed his card into my hand before departing the train with his cackling partner.
The moral of this story: Be kind to strangers and you can meet an amazing guy who will go to the other end of town at 3am so you can get your beloved Mango Margarita's or who loves Sunday brunch almost as much as you do. 

As fast as it started though, it was over. He wanted something I didn't have to give him and I wanted something taller and with a better taste in Waffle toppings. 

I guess Big L was right maybe I do have no love for city cops

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