Life is Lovely. Part II.

It's currently 3:37am, and I've been sitting here for past few hours reading the 200+ blog posts from the last 8 years of my life.

I was smiling the whole time.

Although views on this blog have been consistent, engagement never was. I saw people were clicking but I often felt like I was yelling into an abyss with the only certainty being that my own Mum would be applauding back (now if that ain't a fact of my life I don't know what is!)

But then suddenly, I realized as I sat here in my little apartment in Hermosa Beach, smiling at my memories and laughing at my own jokes, it was all worth it.

Some posts were just a few sentences, spit out by a busy 20 year old on the go.

Other posts were lengthy paragraphs filled with run-on sentences from the mind of a confused 22 year old.

But every post took me right back to that moment, to the times that have been and gone, and I was beaming.

It made me realize that no matter if I'm in a peak or a valley, my life is A-Ok with me.

One particular post called Life is Lovely, written almost exactly five years ago today, stood out.

It began with me celebrating the fact that I deposited money into a "Move to California" account (Well past Dordyline, you have actually lived in California for two and half years now....three cheers to going out and getting what the fuck you want!) before veering off towards a list of things I love.

Just a 21 year old little bean being content with her world.

Five years on, life is still lovely and here is another ramble-y list of things that make me happy...

Living by the Beach.
Do not get me wrong, I loved the years I spent in New York City, filled with hustle and bustle and weird smells. But being able to stand on my front step and see the ocean, or walk along the beach smiling at dogs, amazing.

Old Friends.
There is something really beautiful about the people you loved when you were 13. The people you figured out life with, who saw you at your messiest, your funnest, your most insecure. There is also something really beautiful about living completely different lives, yet crashing together every now and then to reminisce and commiserate. 

When living by the beach, and old friends combine.

I just realized that my two year blog hiatus means that this blog never saw me in my Hamilton loving glory. I still go to bed every night thinking everything Lin Manuel Miranda touches is gold.

My InstantPot.
Remember when this blog used to be about drunk escapades? Yeah, I'm old now.

A "Passionate from Miles Away" Cocktail from Di An Di in New York City.
I literally stalked the restaurant for the recipe and bought all the ingredients to make at home. I have never been more deliciously punched in the face by a drink in my life.

Keeping yourself humble.

Hey, sometimes it's good to shake off the cobwebs and party like you're young, dumb and broke again. 

Don Lemon. 
I recently watched his interview on "Red Table Talk" and I was actually taken aback with how much I fell in love with him 

Ok, hear me out.....I'm a huge fan of Survivor. I think I may have mentioned it on here over the years, but I'm not 100% sure/ I don't know what it is about it but I've watched my favourite (Micronesia, Heroes vs Villains,Redemption Island) and least favourite (Nicaragua) seasons multiple times and I even watch strategy videos on Youtube in my spare don't get me started, because I'll never shut up and it will get embarrassing. Also, yes I am aware it is no longer 2002, thank you for the observation. 

La Croix.
Basic Bitches, Unite. Tangerine, all day.

Trader Joes.
I didn't have Trader Joe's growing up because I mean...Australia.... I never went to Trader Joe's in NYC because I mean...too busy...would rather die. It wasn't until I moved to Los Angeles that I truly leaned in to Trader Joe's freaking hard. Personal Favourite Snack items I hear you yell? Freeze dried mangos, lentil chips, the knock-off Terry's Chocolate Orange,Salty Honey Toffee Milk Chocolate Covered Crackers (I shit you not, I took a picture of these back on November 16th, 2018 and I just scrolled back to remember what they were called...)

Yummy Mummies on Netflix.
Biiiiitch, I started watching this almost as a joke, but the jokes on me because when season 2 was released I finished it in less than a day. 

Stay With Me by Rod Stewart.
Growing up my Mum and I would always argue. I thought he was a dude, my Mum thought he was gross. Well jokes on you Mum, I'm an adult now.

Stress Eating Capsicums/Bell Pepper's like apples.
Nice to meet you, I'm still that bitch.

Gotta Blast,

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