Music Monday Part II

Almost four years ago now I made a post titled Music Monday which was essentially a list of song I had been listening to the most that past week. I'm starting that back up, and by "starting that back up" I mean I may make it a thing, or I may forget about it all together by next week. Who knows! That's show biz.

Dancing Queen

Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House

I recently went through a breakup due to wanting different things at different times, and it was a big old confusing mess. It became clear after a few weeks that we wouldn't be living in the same timezone anymore and that left me sitting on an airplane listening to this song on repeat and trying to hold it together at, 'cause when you get back home maybe I'll be gone. What a moody little story, yikes. 

Beyond by Leon Bridges

Picture me riding my banana-yellow beach cruiser along the Pacific Ocean groovin' slowly, imagining love is real and definitely isn't fake and made up. 

May the Bird of Paradise Fly up Your Nose by Little Jimmy Dickens

Let me set the scene for you. My Dad and I were walking across the parking lot and in an ongoing effort to stump people with random trivia I asked him a question regarding the Bird of Paradise in the garden. Being the fountain of random crap he is he started singing this song about elephants caressing you with his toes and it's been in my head ever since. 

Bonfire by Childish Gambino

When I was in high school I used to drive around blasting music and rapping in my true white girl form in my green Ford Taurus. Camp by Childish Gambino wasn't released at the time but there is something about this song off the album in particular that takes me right back to that time. 

When you Were Made by The Growlers

I'm a child of divorce far more so than I ever was a child of marriage because of this I feel like it never really bothered me that much. Nonetheless, when I want to get deep into my feelings regarding the issue this is where I go and it 100% always makes me feel worse. Whoops. 

Roam by The B52's

My Mum always complains about her children's annoying habit of picking one lyric from a song and repeating it until she physically can't handle it anymore. For the last few weeks, this has been that song for me. Can not remove from brain, it will live for eternity on a loop in my skull.

Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry 

Chuck Berry makes me get shit done. I think it's the guitar solo's, or the fact that I associate him with the McCallister family running through the airport in a rush to catch their flight to Paris. 

That Thing You Do! by The Wonders

People I love in no particular order: Tom Hanks. End of list. I grew up watching Forrest Gump on repeat, and it still sits atop my list of favourite movies. If someone told me I had to die for him to live, I would take that bullet. God, what a legend. Stan for your man ladies!

Gravity By John Mayer

Speaking of stanning for your man, I love John Mayer. I have a very eclectic taste in music and tend to favor individual songs by certain artists instead of their entire catalogue. John Mayer is one the few people where I can go to their Spotify, hit play and not skip a load of songs. Murder me with your guitar John Mayer, I've got the time. 

The Joke by Brandi Carlile

Every now and then I find a song that just fucks. me. up! That is one of those songs. Whenever I'm feeling emotional and I need to just lay on my bed listening to something while I stare at my ceiling contemplating life, this is it (I definitely don't do that though.....that much at least)

One Foot Before the Other by Frank Turner

I once got caught by a janitor furiously "air guitar-ing" to this song. That was fun. 

Through the Wire by Kanye West

I love Kanye West and his cute ass kids and I don't even fucking care. These last few years he's been doing some questionable shit, but after watching his interview on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman I'm back onboard. Also, fuck it up Kanye, rap with your jaw wired shut, live your best life. Fun Fact, I once watched a guy drop acid with his jaw wired shut and it was equal parts terrifying and a mess. 

Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground

This was my Myspace song for a long ass time. Throwback of a throwback of a throwback.

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