Music Monday Part III

Oh shit, two weeks in a row? Come through Music Monday!

Proud girl being proud of herself.

Peaceful Easy Feeling by Eagles

I find myself loving songs for different reasons. They hype me up or calm me down, make me dance or make me cry my eyes out. This song calms me down, while at the same time leaves me swaying like a Dad cradling an icy beer at an outdoor concert. 

A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James
Catch me soaking in my bubble bath, this will be playing on repeat while I live my best soapy, zen'd out life. 

Love Foolosophy by Jamiroquai 

Ok, hear me out. Back in the day a friend and I both became randomly obsessed with A funk odyssey by Jamiroquai as our pump up album before we went out. I think it started as a joke, but soon turned into our favourite thing. This entire album now just makes me so damn happy, judge me, don't care.

Read My Mind by The Killers

I never really got into The Killers.They were always a band that was just kind of there but I felt pretty indifferent about. This song randomly popped up on my Spotify a few months back while on a weird 5am beach walk. I had this instant feeling that it would forever be tied to that very moment. It was as if I felt myself storing that moment in my long term memory and I can picture myself in 10 years randomly hearing it and remember how I was feeling at that exact time. Too deep? Gotta go. 

You're Gonna Live Forever in Me by John Mayer

Yes, I'm back on my John Mayer shit. Random fact, I really like Disney music. I don't really get in to the movies themselves, but I feel attachment to the songs. This song always reminds me of a Disney song, I think it's the whistling, either way, it gives me that same nostalgic feeling.

Merry Go 'Round by Kasey Musgraves 

Recently I've been super in my emotions about realizing what life is. Growing up you feel like you are always building for something, it's like you keep passing through different stages and then that flattens out and you are wondering what the next stage is. Eventually you realize oh, this is life. You can have hopes and goals to work towards, but the typical wake up, go to work, breath for a second and go to bed to do it all over again is how you are going to spend most of it. It's not as glossy as you once thought, and you realize that the destination is actually a hole in the ground, and the journey is all you have. 

She's Got a Way by Billy Joel

Damn, I didn't realize I was so in my feelings with this weeks Music Monday. I really like Billy Joel, although my favourite song is probably Vienna, this has been more heavily played this week. I don't have some great story, I just like Billy Joel (and I don't care what you think Sam!)

Somewhere in my Memory by John Williams 

This is my number one favourite Christmas song. I know what you are thinking. Uhm, it's July? You would be correct, but I listen to Christmas music all year long because I genuinely just love it so much. 

Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics
Some backstory, My father and I don't always have the smoothest relationship. We love each other and get on well in the day to day, but there is some deep shit underneath it all that we handle most of the time but every now and then pops up and gets in the way. After one particular blow out we didn't speak for a few years. During this time my then boyfriend and I were driving to work one morning, chatting away while this song playing on the radio in the background. I didn't even realize I was listening to the lyrics until I was bawling my eyes out. It was incredibly dramatic, and my boyfriend sat there in shock as to what the heck had triggered such a response. This song still makes me cry every time I hear it, but I'm also weirdly attached to it all the same for some reason. 

Boogie 2Nite by Tweet
Ok everything got a little emotional this week obviously! Let me round it out with my shower jam, catch me almost breaking my neck while dancing my heart out every morning.

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