Sometimes I forget how to word and just picture instead.

Snap- Soooo....Baby Boy just fell asleep listening to me ramble on about how I am convinced that a ghost is stalking me. I'm sorry but I thought it was a thrilling tale of one redheads journey into insanity....apparently it needs some work.

Now since he is a party pooper, I got bored and decided to come and talk to myself online. I'm thrilling.

Crackle- What's new? Nothing...everything...who knows. I'm in a very rant-y mood recently, I don't know why, I'm just very opinionated about a lot of random things. Sometimes in order to stop getting into debates and ruining friendships I just go to news websites and blow shit up in the comments....You think I'm kidding. I'm not. 


Pop- This week I got back in contact with a very good friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to in a few months now ( Considering at one point in our lives we once spoke every single day this was a big deal!) I am a person who often thinks too deeply about life and who is completely shook by random quotes about death and taking nothing for granted so making sure I'm in contact with those who matter to me is very important. Heck the other day I paced around the office almost ripping my hair out because my Dad hadn't texted me back in a few days, I had to keep going on Facebook to see if my Step mum was still Farmville'ing to make sure nothing major was going down at home. Crisis Averted. P.S. I'm a worrier. 

Rawr- I am someone with an impeccable memory, heck I'm sure I remember more about my brothers/best friends/random stranger on the streets life than they do. The other day though I saw the first signs of old age setting in (This is old age!) There I was, scrolling around on my computer looking for a certain picture of me and a friend when I stumbled upon this picture...

I literally had no idea where it came from. Why was I wearing gloves and a scarf? Why were we in front of a green screen? I was so baffled! I have since worked it out. But the thought of not knowing every detail of every event is a scary thought. Pfft Fuck my 20's!

Boop-The other night my roommate was in his rightful place aka cooking me dinner when I heard a commotion and turned around to see this.

Oh no kitty spilt something on her face? NO! WRONG! My loving roommate actually just threw flour in her face for a reason unexplainable to anybody outside his own mind and almost blinded poor kitty. Boys are weird.

Squash- This is our shelf of shit. My personal favourite item? The tiny nugget of weed on the frame placed there just for Jesus. 

Six- My newest and most favourite hobby is embarrassing my roommate aka little baby Kevin on Facebook. Why is it so fun? I have no idea! It's just something I kind of dig because he gets so mad! It makes me kind of worried that when I have kids I'm going to be one of those embarrassing baby-picture-in-the-handbag-ready-to-show-everyone mums (Dear Future children, if you read this and that is a fitting description of me, I give you permission to shoot me in the head.)

Pip Pip Cheerio, hopefully next time I'll remember how to use words again...but probably not lets be honest.

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