I'm starting a relationship with Cool Ranch Doritos...nobody can stop me!

My ex-boyfriend is in town which means I can't be *cue little baby Jordyn hiding under her covers on a Saturday night*. Firstly, No! Technically I don't have to be hidden, but we are in a very weird little space and since we run in literally almost the exact same circle, I would rather just not entertain the idea. Honestly I'm not all too bummed about my night, as previously mentioned I quite enjoy my own company.

In fact I have spent my night clicking away editing my book, eating chocolate covered gummy bears and listening to Harry Connick Jr's Christmas album....sorted!

Oh and watching my roommate shampoo his feet.

You think I'm joking?

Another weird little corner of my world at the moment is Buddhism.

Hear me out.

I have never been a religious person. It has never been a part of my life, my family have never practiced any kind and honestly I never really felt it to be necessary. Recently though I'm kind of altering that idea. The idea of organized religion scares me. It can go from good to bad in 2.3 seconds,I'm not sure I believe in all that is said, it can be used to spread hatred and unnecessary judgement but something I have always liked about it was what it did for those who believe in it.

Those who know me know that I have been following the Shaytard's vlogs on Youtube for four years now and I'm kind of obsessed. Put simply, they are a family of 7 (after welcoming a little boy just a few weeks back...I cried, or more correctly put bawled my freakin' eyes out!) who make 10-20 minute videos of their every day life. They are so happy and optimistic with every single aspect of their life that they have changed my outlook on a lot of things. A huge aspect of their life is their faith which in this case happens to be Mormonism. Although I don't believe in the same faith they do, I truly admire how they use it to shape their lives and I felt like this was a light bulb, aha! moment for me.

This is how I fell into Buddhism. Firstly, I wouldn't consider myself a Buddhist. I think my lack of knowledge on the subject would greatly insult those who did identify as such, but it is definitely something I am beginning to love.

I love how humanistic it is. It puts you in control of your own destiny, your successes and failures are completely up to you. You decide your own happiness! I think that is a very important aspect of life, I think as humans we spend too long thinking about what others think about us when in all actuality they are too busy worrying about what others think of them to really have time to care (I mean that in the least depressing way possible!)

And on that note,

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