Mood: Hangry.

 I didn't see Stuart Little. Also, I was the only one amused by the fact that THE Stuart Little had been in this very spot. 

I think I'm broken....or I guess jinxed.

New York is a wonderland of food: Restaurants, bars, cafes, diners, halal stands, food carts, ice cream parlors, candy stores...this city is a metropolis of gluttony. So someone answer me this, in a city built on street meat fumes, why can I never find anywhere to eat?

The answer to this may have something to do with one fact, I'm a creature of habit. I have my go-to spots depending on my mood, and area of the city I am in. Heck, whenever my Mum comes to visit we go to the same two restaurants every....single....time (Dhaba- Indian on Lexington and 28th and Pongsri- Thai on 23rd and...7th? 8th? I'm not sure we just follow our noses). This habitual eating though puts me in quite a pickle when I'm in an area I don't spend a lot of time in (I used to work in the Upper East Side, but that is still the excuse I'm going with)

Whenever these moments of gluttonous ineptness happen, I always tend to be so hungry that the problem solving quadrant of my brain is all but useless and I am forced to spend the next half hour complaining, wandering around in a circle, repeatedly yelping and only managing to come up with one diner with $45 fries and table clothes (I still stand by my statement,  No place with a fluorescent exterior can use table clothes).

And then the inevitable happens.

Instead of taking advantage of the many amazing dining experiences that lay before me, I end up at McDonalds....or in this case Lenny's, but you get the idea.

Jinxed I tell you.

Also, today I learned that adults can get really freakin' hyped about bubbles.

Oh and don't leave the house with wet hair...and also don't get tan because then your lipstick will look redder and honestly, if your lipstick is red what else truely matters?


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