Runnin' on the treadmill and only eatin' salaads.

Mission: Lose the 30 pounds that have rudely taken up home on my body apparently started today (...there is only so many times you can blame it on your slightly bigger chest...but I'm probably going to keep doing that anyway.) Thankfully I'm not the girl who puts their entire value on the scale and have always been more than comfortable with my shape, I've even come to love my thicker thighs and I like having some curve, I'm just trying this whole health garbage people have been yabbering on about. I like to run, but apparently I like alcohol and candy more. I guess it's time to welcome adulthood and swing that pendulum further away from cupcakes and a little closer to abs. 

Last Supper...

Or actually....last supper....

And then I went to visit my family's pizza store and we were messing around with new flavours and ideas and I couldn't exactly say no to Mr. Apple Pie Calzone! That would just be rude.


Ok whatever I'll start next week. 

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